Whistleblowing to be your low hanging fruit

Gain whistleblowers’ trust, investigate allegations and make fair decisions - all while boosting the productivity of your team.
Map of European Union
Comply with best global frameworks
GDPR / CDPA or other local privacy laws
US DoJ guidelines and other best practices
SAPIN II / PIDA or similar local laws
EU Whistleblowing Directive
ISO 37002 Whistleblowing management systems
Don’t waste time... means...
Engaging whistleblowers
Delegating and monitoring
Documenting investigations
Reporting and benchmarking
Messages against hotline process owners are bypassed (e.g. to the Audit Committee) to avoid conflict of interest.
Each reporter gets a secret code to access the case via web Feedback Room or toll-free line, having the option to provide additional information, feedback and communicate with the response team.
Anonymous two-way communication at all stages of the investigation
Multilingual and mobile-friendly web portal, chatbot, live chat and smart answering machine.
Modern intake channels
Dedicated toll free number for voice calls in any country. Proprietary call scripts and interview methodology. Multiple languages and 24/7. Native speakers only.
Specialised in-house contact center
task workflow sreenshot
Delegate tasks to team members within the case and beyond. Use each case as a project management tool.
Spend less time on repetitive routine tasks. Set up business rules to change priority, assign a responsible, assign scenarios depending on the category, location or status.
Never miss new reports. Receive a push on each significant case action. Weekly and monthly status reports will be delivered automatically as well as overdue reminders.
Notifications and reminders
Assign a case to a responsible case manager. Set the case due date according to priorities, categories or applied procedure rules.
Incident delegation and deadlines
select compliance procedure screenshot
initial report case screenshot
case file register screenshot
White list policy minimizes risks of information leaks. Build it once and use it every time.
Upload and collect case files connected / cross-referenced with facts, persons involved and underlying evidence.
Case materials
Prepare a set of standard verified messages for acknowledging, inquiring or finalising the case.
Templates for feedback to reporters
Workflow templates (set of tasks) for different types of investigations save time and set a common quality standard / checklist within the organisation.
Investigation checklists / workflows programmes
Split of access rights by regions, divisions and organizational hierarchy
case material card
investigation duration chart
All changes are tracked by date and user making the edits. The log is available from the app and can be narrowed down with filters.
Export case report and other reports as branded PDFs. Charts into vector files or images. Tables into CSV or XLS.
PDF, XLS, PNG export
Most of the reports can be narrowed down with filters: region, category, status, assigned, channel or procedure.
Configurable reports
Benefit from predefined reports provided by experts making sure you get right insights and comparatives: Time to respond, Substantiation rate, Investigation duration and others.
Multiple types of analytics
Audit log
report substantiation chart
Leverage our experience avoiding common mistakes
Templates for hotline page, code of ethics, SOPs, whistleblowing policy, investigation policy
Regular success traction calls with an expert
Assistance with a promo campaign: posters, stickers, letters
Embedded controls for investigation quality
Live training for users and whistleblowers
With alerts and escalations you never miss a report or a due date
Go beyond compliance
using additional modules or integrations
Analyse performance and improve productivity
Identify hidden connections
Map risks and controls by connecting Ethicontrol's Echo module
Enrich data with business intelligence platforms or open data
Integrations: SSO, SIEM, CRM, ERP, CASBE

More than 100k clients’ employees from 17 jurisdictions enjoy true anonymity and higher case resolution rate

Single sign-on, two-factor authentication etc.
A non-disclosure agreement in a client’s wordings
ISO 27701 Privacy management certified

Pay for features, not for users

from 89 EUR per month
Reports, users, employees, cases, procedures, automations.
Intake languages and features of machine or manual translations.
72 hrs
To go live with the default settings.
Customizable intake and case management.
Premium support
Dedicated support by phone or video. You get all updates and new features instantly on the subscription model.
No hidden costs
You get a full specification upfront. Upgrade or downgrade anytime.
Regardless of a tariff plan - gain test access for all features for the first 6 months.
GDPR aware
At policy, entity and platform levels. Our Privacy Information. Management System is certified under ISO 27701.
Data stored within the EU in certified data centers.
We are certified under ISO 27001.
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