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We need more ethicontrollers!

Let's bring more #ethics, #integrity and #compliance to the world

We value

Ethicontrol icon Integrity


When you do things right and treat people better than yourself.
Loving the truth without fear of mistakes and failures.

Ethicontrol icon Passion


When you get excited about what you are busy with, gear yourself with enthusiasm. Loving what you do.
One workday of passion beats a week of hard work.

Ethicontrol icon Curiosity


When you 'stay foolish and hungry' and 'not-stop questioning'.
When you unlock learning each time and challenge yourself with experiments and new ideas.

Ethicontrol icon Results


Partially implemented ethics management is harmful.
Partially implemented software is useless.
A partially closed deal is no money.

We cherish our customers, but our ultimate clients are their employees, buyers, suppliers, shareholders, and communities seeking justice and trust.

Oleg Lagodiyenko, FCCA, PhD, cofounder


3 months ago
Ruby Developer
2 months ago
Sales manager
4 months ago
Compliance advisory manager
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Free from artificial sweeteners - raw as it is

As a lean startup, we don't have PS4, ping pong, fancy office, massage, free lunches, cute trips, or lavish salaries. Though, we've got a coffee machine and a couch.
We give value for money to our clients, and the same approach is with the team.
We promise lots of exciting tasks, growth for you as a professional and the culture of human touch.