Lessons of academic integrity

If you think that academic integrity is something related exclusively to students' problems and scientific research, we need to reassure you. Integrity, whether academic or not, is very close to ethics — let's try to value it accordingly.
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Is there any whistleblowing in the UAE?

A new country in our #whistleblowing reviews is the UAE: all thanks to its recent initiative on witness protection. When the largest economies choose to stand on the whistleblowers' side (sooner or later), it becomes a good sign of strengthening compliance standards.
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Whistleblowing is — facts and answers

Whistleblowing is about essential details and decisions — that's why we remind one more time about its entry requirements and answer popular questions.
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How did the winners (TOP 30) in public procurement adhere to anti-corruption compliance in 2019?

We continue a series of studies on the compliance of the largest Ukrainian companies with the norms of anti-corruption legislation. This year, we viewed under the microscope the companies that won the biggest public procurement deals in 2019.
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Singaporean approach to whistleblowing

How come Singapore is one of the most developed and prosperous economic centres on Earth, but does not have a robust whistleblowing protection system? The secret lies in its cultural values and complimentary anticorruption laws. Greet a jewel in our coverage of Asian whistleblowing laws and compliance systems.
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Public Integrity Handbook and Covid-19 response — updates from OECD

Breaking news: OECD finalized its integrity recommendations and released Public Integrity Handbook. Along with it, we've gathered some lessons and revelations from OECD live sessions obtained during a global pandemic — compliance and integrity are more important than ever before.
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Top 5 free trainings on corruption prevention | Education

Self-education is the best way to boost your knowledge in different spheres. Maybe it's time to test yourself in anticorruption and bribery prevention techniques? We've picked some free, efficient and even interactive courses just for you!
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Whistleblowing is in high demand — key findings from 2020 ACFE Report

We've been waiting for this for two years... And thinking about it 24/7. How to prevent fraud, what are the red flags for fraudsters, which whistleblowing channels were most common in 2020 — we are so glad to answer all of these questions with the help of fresh ACFE Report to the Nations. Ready?
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Whistleblowing is hitting social media — what is company's responsibility?

What can be scarier for the employer than external whistleblowing of his worker? When it goes viral. Studies show that whistleblowing can be taken under control — it's time for us to learn what is identity practice, social media policy and strategy.
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Whistleblower hotline efficiency — myths and truths go side by side

Why would you invest in compliance system if it has no impact on your profit? Why would you waste your time reading dozens of anonymous reports with irrelevant information? Statistics on efficiency of whistleblowing hotlines can be misleading and confusing — we've picked the most common opinions to discuss them with you and find the truth.
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