Top 5 management myths which lead to fraud losses

Trust, but also check — we reveal 5 myths about fraud people still believe even though they have been disproved multiple times. Managers don't steal, and fraud is rooted in mentality, or we can explain it differently?
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Why do good managers commit fraud?

Due to Fraud Awareness Week 2020, we have prepared a series of articles that aim to shed some light on fraud. The first article is about the main reasons for committing misconduct.
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Rewards for whistleblowers in South Korea

South Korea has accomplished an amazing job in combating corruption and violation of ethical code — still, we know little about the South Korean approach to whistleblowing. Not only the US rewards whistleblowers, but South Korea - we are shedding light on South Korean story of anti-corruption policy and first visible outcomes.
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Cultural orientation has the strongest impact on whistleblowing behaviour, Whistleblowing in Iran.

Whistle-blowers, as members of a collective or as individual actors, are motivated to report wrongdoing in public service organizations of Iran. Whistle-blowing in the service organizations of public sector utilizes the mass media to call the attention of the public to corruption activities that are associated with the misuse of public funding in a direct way
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Why do we need anonymous whistleblowing?

Your identity makes you special, but also it doesn't leave you anonymous. What makes you to be "you" and how to hide it?
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What's wrong with ethics in big tech?

We've only started to forget about Facebook data privacy scandal, and here we are again: now Amazon, Apple and Google joined Facebook and have to respond to the questions from the lawmakers. What is so wrong and unethical about these businesses that they need to answer to the congress?
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Beware of open tabs and multitasking

If you still use more than three tabs in your browser or do several tasks at a time, then this post is for you. We compiled some empirical evidence that you might be doing the stupidest things in your life.
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Compliance in 2020 — DOJ recommendations

What time is it? Compliance o'clock. 2019 and especially 2020 are determinant for compliance — it's the right time to show its effectiveness during one of the worst economic crises and implement the recommendations from DOJ.
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How pandemic time is changing compliance

Pandemic does make a difference in our daily life even though it's not always positive. What happens with compliance systems when they address more issues than ever?
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Lessons of academic integrity

If you think that academic integrity is something related exclusively to students' problems and scientific research, we need to reassure you. Integrity, whether academic or not, is very close to ethics — let's try to value it accordingly.
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