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Ethicontrol is more than a platform for whistleblowers. We are your reliable assistant in the compliance.

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Change management

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Define current state for more focused actions and better traction


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Ethics / trust / fraud survey

Prior to any changes, companies need to understand the as-is state. We developed a number of questionnaires to assess the level of trust, perception of fraud, or current level of ethics tolerance or compliance policies awareness among employees. The results should be considered when drafting corporate policies, tailoring a compliance program, or evaluating the company's ethics management progress.

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Risk assessment

Apart from inherent threats to an industry or a function, specific fraud risks can be hidden in corporate policies, KPIs, operating procedures, or IT systems. Besides risk evaluation, we assess existing controls and suggest remediation for gaps. External risk assessment is also a requirement of anti-bribery standards or local anticorruption legislation.

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Hotline audit and benchmarking

Existing hotlines as well as any other element of a company's control environment should be regularly assessed for their effectiveness. During our audits, we go beyond compliance requirements and employ our "Painless ethics" methodology, discovering additional mistakes and insights. It is also very important to get live feedback from existing and potential hotline users.

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Functional diagnostics

Express diagnostics based on questionnaires or deep dive projects help leaders improve compliance departments, security units, or anti-fraud task forces. Each project finding will encompass explanations of its impact / importance and guidance / roadmap / project plan on improving the function within structure / strategy / systems / people / processes dimensions.

Change management

Ethics is not for trial & error – succeed with us from the first attempt!


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Compliance program

Our library of compliance projects has been collected from the real-life experience of our team over 20 years. It has hundreds of potential initiatives and ideas which can be tailored into any program document. But, more importantly, we already know what works better, what the pitfalls are, and how to achieve the best results considering a given industry, jurisdiction, maturity, fraud and trust levels.

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Anti-fraud projects

Spot audits, checks, analytic procedures, or extensive forensic investigations should be an integral part of any compliance program since they make people believe that integrity is an essential value for a company.

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Policies development

Apart from writing, it is important to consider informal traditions and corporate cultural beliefs. Policies should also avoid 'untouched low-hanging fruits' and separate a declared risk appetite from a real one, which can undermine leaders and confuse employees. We also stick to audience tests, making sure it understands the statements in the right way.

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Communication campaign

The communication can be split into several shots. It should also be tailored to the audience and the company's culture. There should be no limitations on channels, messages, visuals, or technologies. We cooperate with the best artists and subcontractors to create content from posters, videos, and stickers to chatbots, push or SMS notifications; from awareness to provocations.


Ethics & compliance work better with adequate training


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Shared values workshop

There are always shared values within a team. But, conflicts arise when team players do need to feel a common ground. We developed a workshop helping company leaders identify common values as well as areas of misunderstanding. Shared values do not mean common understanding and should also be cleared. The gaps are also important as an insight for future projects and team building potential.

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Code of ethics

The ideal code of ethics is the one that works, not the beautiful, complete, or detailed one. We use the best available frameworks and our own research of TOP-200 corporate codes when assisting a company with its code. No matter: top-down or bottom-up, high level or with a detailed example - It should be focused on your key risks, target audience, and change management objectives.

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Being a whistleblower

Training whistleblowers is an important part of our "Painless ethics" philosophy. Companies should teach reporters how to use intake channels, protect anonymity, the legal side of whistleblowing, workflow and the company's expectations from reporters, why whistleblowing hurts, and on dealing with attorneys and evidence.

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Dealing with whistleblowing in the right way

"How to deal with reporters" training is an integral part of Ethicontrol's whistleblowing platform rollout, as well as key lessons on keeping a hotline healthy and on effective investigations. Each manager will firstly play a role of a whistleblower and then will be responsible to finalize a case during the training.

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Whistleblowing compliance

As a professional company, we already know most of the jurisdictions: laws, guidelines, and standards. We developed training for compliance officers who would like to know the regulations (e.g. EU Whistleblowing Directive, SAPIN II, Public Interest Disclosures Act (PIDA), UKBA, FCPA, DoJ Guidelines) compared to other standards. We make emphasis how to comply and avoid risks, as well as how to protect the company and its officers from potential responsibility.

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Ethics ombudsman

We prepared a series of face-to-face workshops with potential reporters, demonstrating the benefits of dealing with an outsourced hotline run by Ethicontrol. Such meetings help companies gain additional trust either in the initial or later stages, disclosing real-life case studies and dealing with instant feedback from an audience.

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