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All plans contain case management and analytics besides reporting!

Because successful whistleblowing management is impossible without transparent investigations or robust incident management.

Unlimited user admins, seats, employees, messages, cases, and reports - should take the pain of budget planning.

Our Pricing plans

  • Standard pricing plans*
  • Additional features and services

89 EUR / month, billed annually

Essential features for a full whistleblowing cycle: from registration to resolution.
Ready-made business workflow.
Branding included.
ETA - 24 hours
  • Reporting / intake channels
  • Incident management
  • Case management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Data and security
  • Training and support

399 EUR / month

Bring your own business process.
Suitable for big and multinational teams looking for more productivity and security.
ETA - 3–14 days
Live demo
  • Everything from Starter
  • Intake channels: + additional domains, languages, countries, customisations, machine translations
  • Incident management: + Escalations and automations
  • Case management: + remediation actions, custom roles, task workflows and templates
  • Analytics and reporting: + report generator, periodic outlooks, consolidated and quantitative report
  • Data and security: + Audit log and MFA
  • Training and support: + Branded video explainer, NDA and SLA

999 EUR / month

Complex corporate hierarchy. Top-tier support with maximum customisations.  

Multiple and independent business flows (e.g. Compliance, HSE, HR, Security).

ETA - 2–4 weeks

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  • Everything from Advanced
  • Intake channels: + manual translations, multiple intake portals, complicated unit hierarchy support
  • Incident management: + custom violation categories, notifications, reminders and escalations
  • Case management: + up to 5 organisational levels / silos support, wrongdoers' profiles, procedures (independent business processes), business rules engine
  • Analytics and reporting: + user activity report, custom analytical report
  • Data and security: + Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Training and support: + 2x more trainings, custom SLA
Toll free helpline

from 89 EUR / month

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  • Local dedicated toll-free lines in 180 countries
  • Multilingual calls processing by native speakers during standard working hours from 09:00 to 18:00
  • Multilingual calls processing by native speakers 24/7
  • Manual processing of messages from smart-answering machine
  • Live chat with reporters
  • Professional call centre SLA
Enterprise features

per feature / month

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  • Isolated server / VPS / data isolation in a country / location of choice
  • Client key encryption of a database FULL zero-knowledge policy
  • Integration with ERP system
  • Active web firewall - extended and custom rulesets
  • Single sign on (MS Azure Active Directory or similar)
  • Double and multiple escalation rules
  • Chatbot Telegram, Facebook, Viber
On premise

from 13900 EUR, one-off

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  • All features from Advanced tariff plan installed on your server
  • Software licence for 15 years
  • 36 months standard updates and support included
  • Full control of your data
  • Client's domain integration
  • Client's mail service integration
  • Client's log server / SIEM integration
  • Limitations on reporters' confidentiality and anonymity protection
* Disclaimer: The standard tariff plans displayed on our pricing page are intended for organizations with a total headcount of less than 2000 employees. If your organization's headcount exceeds this limit, please contact our sales team to discuss customized pricing options. The pricing information provided on our website is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. While we strive to ensure the accuracy of the pricing details, discrepancies may arise. The final pricing agreement will be determined based on individual discussions between the Company and the User. Any pricing information provided on our website does not constitute a contractual agreement between the User and the Company. The actual terms of service, including pricing, will be outlined in a separate written agreement between the parties. The Company shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, or expenses incurred by the User as a result of reliance on the pricing information provided on our website. By accessing and using our pricing information, the User acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in this disclaimer. It is recommended that the User carefully review this disclaimer before proceeding to access our pricing information.
University, school and NGO

School, university or NGO?

Apply for up to 90% discount. Send your cover letter from your org / edu mail to social (at)

Configurable_reportsAnalytics and reporting




Case table export into XLS
tick tick tick
General outlook
tick tick tick
Export of charts into PNG, JPG, SVG
tick tick tick
- Categories
- Units
- Channels
- Assigned
- Segments
- Disciplinary actions
tick tick tick
Response rate
tick tick tick
Investigation duration
cross tick tick
Quality of response and investigation
cross tick tick
Case memorandum report generator
cross tick tick
Period outlook with weekly and monthly
cross tick tick
Consolidated report with PDF export
cross tick tick
Quantitative report
tick tick
User activity report
cross tick
Customized analytical report
cross tick


noun_education_14718Training and support




Advice on implementation
tick tick tick
Graphic and text materials for a communication campaign (a standard set of posters, stickers, letters, web-page template)
tick tick tick
Model code of business ethics
cross tick tick
Model hotline regulations
cross tick tick
Model regulations for internal investigations
cross tick tick
Free support 24/7
tick tick tick
User onboarding in the app
tick tick tick
Live user training (2hr)
cross tick tick
Support widget in the app
tick tick tick
Video explainer for whistleblowers branded for the client
cross tick tick
Custom NDA
cross tick
Service level agreement (SLA)
cross tick tick
Custom SLA
cross cross tick


Missing or redundant features? 
Get a custom pricing plan!


ISO 27001 Information
security certified


ISO 27701 Privacy
management certified


Single sign-on, two-factor
authentication etc


A non-disclosure
agreement in a client’s wordings