Oleg Lagodiyenko

Co-founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, antifraud and civil society activist, IT enthusiast, aggeek and business consultant.

Prior to founding Ethicontrol, Oleg accumulated ten years of experience in improving business performance, corporate governance, risk management and controls in the big four companies, as well as on positions charged with governance (Head of GRC, Audit Committees and Supervisory Boards member) in some of the largest companies in CEE.

Oleg's project experience cover issues ranging from mergers and business strategy up to IT strategy and FCPA or forensic investigations. Oleg's projects were in different industries, mainly concentrating on banking/insurance, mining, retail and agribusiness.

Andrew Garshyn

Co-founder & CTO

Andrew turns any idea into a reality, solving the most difficult technical problems in the field of Internet technologies.

Before Ethicontrol, Andrew had already polished his app design and development skills, working at Siemens (Germany), and later in his own development studio.

There are systems for monitoring the availability of equipment, a patent search system and various synchronization systems among his latest projects.

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