Crisis time — businesses are massively tested for ethics and social responsibility

During the time of pandemic, small local businesses are striving to survive — for big companies it's time to show why they still deserve to keep the loyalty of their customers. Paid sick leaves, food delivery, psychological help, medical supplies - who contributes to the world well-being today?
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Let's celebrate #ZeroDiscriminationDay!

At the beginning of March we celebrate not only the coming of spring but world's Day of Zero Discrimination. Respect and tolerance are our good friends on the way to diversity — let's refresh our knowledge about discrimination and how to prevent it.
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Her story changed the perception of sexual harassment of the whole industry| Changemakers

In February one more important story about sexual harassment will be released — book by worldwide famous whistleblower Susan Fowler. She experienced sexual harassment in Uber shows and blew the whistle. We would like to highlight her story and add it to successful whistleblowing cases.
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Anticorruption law in Ukraine — how it protects whistleblowers?| Rewards

A long history of Ukrainian anticorruption project is directly connected with the number of amendments to the law (and we sincerely hope that even more are on the way). Who are whistleblowers and why they should get a reward? We will discuss what unique Ukrainian law has and how it resembles the European Directive of 2019.
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Top 10 FCPA enforcement cases of 2019

We continue the tradition of data compilation on top 10 cases ranked by penalties amounts in 2019 according to the US Department of Justice and US Securities and Exchange Commission.
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Trinidad and Tobago — whistleblowing on pause

Even small countries make big steps towards ethical work environment — we've got Trinidad and Tobago on our list with 'whistleblower law'! Even though the law hasn't passed yet, we'll have a closer look at its perspectives.
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Fraud explained?

What is fraud, and how we tackle it? Do fraudsters actually have a type, or they steal randomly? Which countries have the most significant number of fraudulent transactions? We unveiled some of the common questions — learn with us and test your abilities to detect a fraudster!
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Does corruption have a gender*?

Corruption is more damaging for women than for men — why is it so? And who is more likely to give or accept a bribe? There is an evident difference in perception of corruption depending on gender - the big question is how to change it and what's wrong about it.
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Whistleblowing can be lifesaving

Whistleblowing is about doing your job well. Or someone else's job? You'll have a chance to get to know people who did both and changed the game.
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Anonymity — what do we know about it?

It takes hours, months and years to learn the history of anonymity and how it works in the world of web. Staying anonymous is also a complicated task for a newbie. Nevertheless, nothing stops us from trying — let's immerse into the diverse world of the guards of anonymity and its adversaries.
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