Guatemala: no whistleblower, no problem

That's the first time we will mostly talk about the ethics, not law. Before the implementation of whistleblower hotlines the government should ensure that law works equally for everyone — and there is something wrong with it in Guatemala.
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Brazil  — bogged down in corruption

We already know about good examples of whistleblower laws in the EU, but the world is larger, right? In the mess of news about Brazil we've tried to allocate the approach to ethics in South America (with some scandals included).
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The United Kingdom — Ethical solutions since 1998

Talking about the most prominent laws on whistleblowing, we couldn't miss the British example. It's the very case when culture, politics and history unite in one approach — that's what we want to talk about in this longread (with some legal basis, as always).
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How do Austrians blow the whistle?

Every law is different, but not every one is difficult. With Austria we didn't look for easy ways out and went into all the details: who, when, and most importantly — why.
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Whistleblower hotlines — Slovenian approach

We've started a series of articles dedicated to the legislation of EU countries (and some in Latin America). What is it like in Slovenia? Let's check the main points of recent requirements.
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The best time for reform is… NOW| Croatia

A long-awaiting law on whistleblowing was introduced in Croatia in July 2019. Is there something new about it and who should implement it? Only one strategy is possible.
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Security&Compliance Update Business Breakfast. September 11, 2019

With the beginning of September a new business season begins. It's time to find out about news and updates in compliance. That is why on September 11 we are organizing a business breakfast. It is time to reconnect professional relationships at the start of a busy season.
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What if we create a web page on corporate web-site inhouse?

Is outsourcing appropriate in such a sensitive area as compliance and speak up hotlines? Can they be trusted? Why can't we do it ourselves? It's just a web form. We tried to understand and analyze the disadvantages and advantages.​
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Ukrenergo introduces an external hotline for ethics and compliance operated by Ethicontrol

One of the largest companies in Eastern Europe and a key player in the energy market of Ukraine — Ukrenergo introduces an outsourcing ethics hotline
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Celebrating World Whistleblowers Day 2019!

World Whistleblowers Day is an international observance held on June 23 every year. Its main goal is to raise public awareness about the important role of whistleblowers in combating corruption and maintaining national security.
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