Whistleblowing compliance
for banking

Flexible process and proven methodology inbuilt into the web system,
to be implemented in just 14 days
Confidential and secure reporting channels
Event classification and response control
Misconduct evidence gathering
Facility security & promotion
A dozen of channels
Specialized contact center, toll free numbers, multilingual web portal, chat bots, live chat and other modern channels
Reporter's web cabinet
The web Feedback Room for each of the anonymous reports to maintain continuous anonymous dialogue and feedback
Messages against hotline process owners are bypassed (e.g. to the Audit Committee) to avoid conflict of interest
Internal registration
Registration of notes, case memos and retrospective incident reports by compliance or security staff
Completeness of intake and enhanced anonymity protection!
Single database of compliance risks
The classification includes business process taxonomy and its owners. Access rights can be allocated by region, segment, division and organisational hierarchy.
Business rules to ease up the delegation of incidents, limitation of tasks in time and control of their execution
Categorisation and triage
Define categories of violations, prioritise and set deadlines. The risk assessment as a separate attribute of an event.
Instant reports and analytics
Real time reporting while being able to slice by risk, location, user, type, quantitative and qualitative dimensions.
Your Compliance Risk Management System is ready!
Typical scenarios and templates for productivity and same quality level
Case file and case report
The structure of the case file according to the methodology and industry standards. The printed report is ready from the first day of an engagement.
Register of evidence and fact tree
Evaluation of materials. Establishing and tracking logical connections between alleged, involved, facts and evidence.
Event stories and siloed and structured for further analysis and usage in other systems. Search for legal and natural persons and identify connections.
Make decisions based solely on facts and evidence!
Communication campaign
We will help you with the internal and external communication campaigns educate reporters and promote intake channels.
We will train your staff to deal with whistleblowers and respond to events within our app.
Unprecedented protection of clients' privacy
Certified data-centres, zero knowledge approach, encryptions and more.
Ethics ombudsman
Proprietary advisory solution on promoting of integrity and speak up culture
All you need for a effective speak up mechanism!
Tailored for financial sector
Meet the central bank's statutory regulations
In particular, the mechanism of confidential reporting of unacceptable behavior, as well as the compliance risks event database.
Compliance manager's
virtual office
Compliance health check dashboard. User analytics. Additional banking attributes (business process, risk level, causes of event, source of info).
to your processes
Your labels and workflows, directory of sources, events linked to business processes, cause of event and custom risk categories.
Dedicated role for
institutional supervisors
Separate set of rights for a role of Observer used by central bank units and external auditors.
Support for complex
hierarchical structures
Setting up for investment groups and complex holding structures, when each business sees only its own, and the HQ - everything.
Reports designed to comply with the central banks: risk compliance compliance database, risk compliance compliance report.

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49 EUR
Unlimited users
Web intake for reporters / whistleblowers
(5 languages to choose from)
Domain and web portal branding
Answering Machine (1 language)
Event log
Delegation and prioritization

Per month
Paid annually only
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799+ EUR
All from Gold
Contact center 24/7/365
User Roles and Custom Business Rules
Search of Involved and Advanced Analytics
Integrations with other systems and portals of the bank
Maximum customization
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Best companies run ethics management with us
Enterprise level security
We understand the sensitivity of the data stored on the system. We have created an Ethicontrol architecture for security reasons. As an IT company, we strictly follow our own information security policies.

We select best available contractors, apply encryption, security systems and implement best practices in our processes.

For more information please refer to the Security section of our website.
We love your specifics
Our system is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of different types of businesses with different hierarchies.

The system has a long list of things that can be changed without programming: roles and access rights, escalation routes, registration process, prioritization, response time, and more.

At times, you may need features that the system does not have. Our company is ready for such requests and undertakes a free development of additional features that will take into account your company features.

We offer a transparent roadmap for system development. We are interested in developing our system and therefore appreciate user feedback and their need for new / additional / advanced features.

For our part, we are ready to respond appropriately to such requests and implement them on our system.
For example, over the past year, in close collaboration and based on feedback from our clients, we have updated the system with the following developments: Retrospective incident report, Service report for the period, Escalation from the region, Importing cases, Analyst role, Curator role.
We are not afraid of your infrastructure
Most of our customers choose to host the online system in a secure cloud, but at the same time, for customers who need other options for system deployment, so we have a boxed solution for installing on the customer's infrastructure.

Our system is not demanding in terms of hardware.

We usually offer our customers to use the system on a subscription basis, but an old-school single license fee is also possible.
Contact us to discuss your system placement needs.
Whistleblowers anonymity as a priority
The first guarantee of anonymity is our independence as a third party from the client.

Our task is to ensure the privacy of reporters and, if necessary, to maintain anonymity as this is a major factor in protecting them.
The registration mechanism is architecturally separated from the internal compliance system. Your employees are not allowed to interfere.

The system is designed to work with anonymization tools (TOR browser, VPN) or script blockers.

The system is built in such a way that it is impossible to track the attributes that would help to identify the informant.
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Painless ethics management and compliance is a click away from you.
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