Sustainable security & compliance in agribusiness

Automate your processes with our online and mobile app bundled with contact center outsourcing, and with embedded response methodology for thefts, conflict of interest, corruption etc.
Whistleblowing system
Incident management
Case management
Profiles, reports and analytics
Clients data protection
Tools for internal events capture
Register incidents online or with mobile app, proactively or retrospectively report on work done using Incident Drafts, Incident Memos and Case Memos.
Multilingual web-portal and other web channels for external reporters
For anonymous reports by employees and relatives, landowners, stakeholders, suppliers and counterparts.
Web-forms, email box, messengers, chatbots, live chat, smart answering machine.
Whistleblower's feedback web centre and independent assurance
Each reporter gets a secret code to access the case via web-room or toll free line, having the option to provide additional information, feedback and communicate with the response team.
Specialised and proprietary contact center
Dedicated toll free number for voice calls in any country. Proprietary call scripts and interview methodology. Multiple languages and 24/7.
Guaranteed 100% registration of whistleblowing reports and advanced anonymity protection!
Single register of events and incidents
All events in single place.
Unified control dashboard with risks and incoming lane (triage).
Email and mobile notifications.
Access rights management
White list policy minimises risks of information leaks.
Split of access rights by countries, regions, units, categories, segments or according to responsibility matrixes.
Classification of events and priorities assignment
Category of wrongdoing - Priority - Due date

Responsible case manager and due dates assignments according to priorities, categories or applied procedure rules.
Transparency and due dates / deadlines control
Full life cycle of an in issue in a single system: from origination to actions taken. All gaps and errors cannot be hidden.
Due dates reminders.
Everything is transparent and under your control!
Tasks workflows and case files templates
Workflow templates for different types of investigations saving time and setting a common quality standard / checklist within the organisation.
Case structure according to best methodologies
The case report is ready for a printout from the day one.
Fact to be separated from hypothesis, and final management decision from team conclusions.
Case file register and fact tree
Upload and collect case files connected / cross-referenced with facts, persons involved and underlying evidence.
Validation and assessment of case files
Different reliability levels for collected evidence.
Tags and team comments.
Mark case files as evidence.
Make your decisions based on facts and evidence only!
Persons involved are supported with profiles.
Connect profiles and establish connections between cases, companies and individuals.
Enrich profiles with business intelligence or any other information from public sources, dedicated services, ERP, CRM or other corporate applications.
Internal memorandums
Internal security or compliance users create case memos reporting for events, incidents, work done and taken actions.
Prepare case reports summary for any period, region, unit or case manager.
Qualitative and quantitative analytics
Track financial impact of incidents, speed and quality of response in real time and in various dimensions.
Compare your indicators with global benchmarks
Ethicontrol app will generate weekly / monthly status reports, track previous period comparisons and submit to dedicated decision makers.

Get risk and performance insights from profiles and ready made reports in real time!
Secured boxed solution (on premise)
No dependence on third parties and complete control over the integrity and security of your data.
Non-disclosure agreement
Client's wordings in NDA.
Confidentiality clauses within SaaS agreement backed by vendor's financial responsibility.
Zero knowledge approach
Stringent internal policies for admins, employees, office, requests and logging.
Zero knowledge principle at the database records level.
Certified data centres
Certified data centres according to most stringent international frameworks in any jurisdiction at your choice.
Unprecedented confidentiality level.
Authorised users with logged actions and detailed activity reports.
Tailored to agribusiness
Suits for communities and landlords issue management
Claims intake and anonymous communication. Local community citizens are one of the best sources. Control over social tensions as well.
Extended hours for
calls processing
Standard hours - 9am to 6pm .
Extended hours for agro - 8am to 8pm.
Split of access rights within regions, clusters, segments
Access rights, escalations, routing and reporting within business segments, macro regions (clusters).
Retrospective internal reporting and memos
Assist control units in reports preparation on the work done. No more emails, copy pastes or spreadsheets.
Import of events
Upload your historic events from a spreadsheet (CSV data) to keep your incident register complete.
Mobile app
for field managers
Capture events and incidents with your smartphone, uploading comments, photos and videos.

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49 EUR
Unlimited users seats
Web-intake portal (single language)
Smart answering machine
Incident register
Delegation, classification and priorities

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599 EUR
35 + intake languages
Split of access rights
Org hierarchy support
Automations and procedures
Enhacned analytics
Dedicated instance in the cloud
Custom workflows
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Contact center 24/7/365
Custom roles and business rules
Custom labels and translations
Enterprise security features
Any jurisdiction for data storage
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Best companies run ethics management with us
Enterprise level security
We understand the sensitivity of the data stored on the system. We have created an Ethicontrol architecture for security reasons. As an IT company, we strictly follow our own information security policies.

We select best available contractors, apply encryption, security systems and implement best practices in our processes.

For more information please refer to the Security section of our website.
We love your specifics
Our system is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of different types of businesses with different hierarchies.

The system has a long list of things that can be changed without programming: roles and access rights, escalation routes, registration process, prioritization, response time, and more.

At times, you may need features that the system does not have. Our company is ready for such requests and undertakes a free development of additional features that will take into account your company features.

We offer a transparent roadmap for system development. We are interested in developing our system and therefore appreciate user feedback and their need for new / additional / advanced features.

For our part, we are ready to respond appropriately to such requests and implement them on our system.
For example, over the past year, in close collaboration and based on feedback from our clients, we have updated the system with the following developments: Retrospective incident report, Service report for the period, Escalation from the region, Importing cases, Analyst role, Curator role.
We are not afraid of your infrastructure
Most of our customers choose to host the online system in a secure cloud, but at the same time, for customers who need other options for system deployment, so we have a boxed solution for installing on the customer's infrastructure.

Our system is not demanding in terms of hardware.

We usually offer our customers to use the system on a subscription basis, but an old-school single license fee is also possible.
Contact us to discuss your system placement needs.
Whistleblowers anonymity as a priority
The first guarantee of anonymity is our independence as a third party from the client.

Our task is to ensure the privacy of reporters and, if necessary, to maintain anonymity as this is a major factor in protecting them.
The registration mechanism is architecturally separated from the internal compliance system. Your employees are not allowed to interfere.

The system is designed to work with anonymization tools (TOR browser, VPN) or script blockers.

The system is built in such a way that it is impossible to track the attributes that would help to identify the informant.
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Painless ethics management and compliance is a click away from you.
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