Guilty fashion — whistleblowers in Converse?

More cases from the world of whistleblowing, and now in the world of fashion — did Converse actually steal the designs? And what for should we wait next when it comes to social media?
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LuxLeaks settlement — whistleblowers pay the price

LuxLeaks is never over and we got another proof — just recently the whistleblower was fined for disclosing the information on the company involved in tax evasion. Who wins this time - whistleblowers or corporations?
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Who are they: whistleblowers or spies? | The US Espionage Act

Whistleblowers may end up in the centre of a moral dilemma — be a good citizen for their home country or disclose the information of public importance and qualify as a spy. What is it like in the USA - the country with the highest number of scandalous whistleblowers?
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Her story changed the perception of sexual harassment of the whole industry| Changemakers

In February one more important story about sexual harassment will be released — book by worldwide famous whistleblower Susan Fowler. She experienced sexual harassment in Uber shows and blew the whistle. We would like to highlight her story and add it to successful whistleblowing cases.
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Whistleblowing can be lifesaving

Whistleblowing is about doing your job well. Or someone else's job? You'll have a chance to get to know people who did both and changed the game.
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