Top 10 FCPA cases of 2020. New records

For the fifth year now we have been collecting statistics on the largest FCPA cases.
Our previous articles can be viewed under FCPA tag. 

The total sum of fines paid as a result of TOP 10 FCPA proceedings, including non-US jurisdictions, amounted up to $ 9,88 billion, which is an absolute record, at least during the last five years.

This year Airbus hits the record by paying $ 3,98 billion fines in total to the budgets of the USA, France and Great Britain. The Goldman Sachs is not far behind with it's total fine of $ 3,3 billion. 

2020 turned out to be a difficult year for the health industry, not only because of covid — 3 out of 10 companies in the rating are somehow related to health or pharmaceuticals.
In total, these companies paid more than $ 490 million in fines in 2020.

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