New feature: Regional hierarchy and structure support

We are happy to announce our new feature  — Support for complex organisational structures and hierarchies:

  • Connect and combine reporting units into regions
  • Assign responsible managers for the region
  • Split responsibility and access rights of managers depending on regions
  • Draw separate reporting lines for each region while keeping single global reporting for the whole Company
  • Reports and analytics can be generated for a standalone region.

Real life examples and use cases:

  • Cases are managed by geographic region i.e. Europe or APAC – the Americas on separate system
  • System designed such that all complaints relevant to European operations are automatically assigned to General Counsel Europe and Europe Compliance Manager and complaints relevant to APAC OpCos assigned to Finance Director for APAC and APAC Compliance Co-Ordinator
  • Notification received by relevant Regional Managers (above) and by Global HQ when report is filed or updated on system
  • Europe Compliance Manager or APAC Compliance CoOrdinator can then assign complaint to relevant MD, other Manager and/or Country Compliance Manager for investigation.
  • Investigators can upload case notes that can be viewed by above Regional Managers
  • Global HQ has oversight over all complaints received
  • Notification of new report will go to designated individuals Depending on Location of breach i.e. Group, APAC, Europe, Americas or when report updated
  • Global HQ to have oversight of all reports i.e. should also get notification of reports made or updates

Furthermore, we are currently working on support of complex matrix-like reporting structures and hierarchies depending on incident type, intake channel or other attributes in addition to multilevel vertical reporting lines.

The feature is currently available upon request for our Enterprise level clients.

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