New Features: Extended Defendant Profiles (Dossier)

The Ethicontrol system automatically creates a Dossier for each involved in an incident. We have developed separate types of dossiers — for legal entities and individuals. In other words, it is a profile where information about a person is collected.
In the profile of the attracted, you can easily see the statistics of participation in incidents or the status of compliance, which is pulled from the Eclir portal.

The profile consists of: 

  • General information - department, position, identification data from the client's internal systems
  • scoring assessment 
  • Biography or Personal data for legal entities. It is possible to designate persons as an individual entrepreneur or a public person. If the existing data sections are not enough, we have provided the ability to add your own fields "on the fly". And most importantly, if the information is not enough, it can be enriched with the help of our integration with the YouScore / YouControl system or, if necessary, with your accounting, CRM, ERM, MDM systems.
  • Contact details. You enter data for yourself on the one hand. On the other hand, the system independently searches for connections between those involved not only on the basis of common incidents but also by phone, email. addresses, links in social networks. For this, we made it possible to download the call register.
  • Casey. Your Ethicontrol system turns into an anti-fraudulent CRM when all actions of one person can be viewed in the context of various events.
  • Compliance. Along with information about incidents, the profile of the involved can be enriched with information about the compliance risks from our other system Eclir: what is the current state of the counterparty's compliance? Is there a risk of an abnormal shape? Which counterparty or employee underwent compliance procedures or in due time? See Conflict of Interest Declarations, Tender Admission Forms or Gift Declarations with just one click.
  • Connections. In addition to manually establishing connections between persons involved, we are also developing automatic detection of connections between profiles.

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