EU Whistleblowing Directive — do whistleblowers stay anonymous?

The EU Whistleblowing Directive is always way ahead of all the previous legislations — is it true for anonymity? Is there a legal basis for anonymous reports?
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What can the sites you visit know about you?

Find out what your browser knows about you and your device to protect yourself from exposure.
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Why do we need anonymous whistleblowing?

Your identity makes you special, but also it doesn't leave you anonymous. What makes you to be "you" and how to hide it?
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Anonymity — what do we know about it?

It takes hours, months and years to learn the history of anonymity and how it works in the world of web. Staying anonymous is also a complicated task for a newbie. Nevertheless, nothing stops us from trying — let's immerse into the diverse world of the guards of anonymity and its adversaries.
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What if we create a web page on corporate web-site inhouse?

Is outsourcing appropriate in such a sensitive area as compliance and speak up hotlines? Can they be trusted? Why can't we do it ourselves? It's just a web form. We tried to understand and analyze the disadvantages and advantages.​
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Refusal of scripts for the safety of reporters

Reporting on the new level of anonymity controls for our users.
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