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New Features: Response Procedures - Automatic Routing

Each case can be assigned a specific procedure. What is a method? A method is a particular order of processing a claim, which determines the access rights to the case, the person in charge, the team's composition, the intended program of tasks, and the priority.

Case procedure selection in Ethicontrols platform

An example of a procedure is the Escalation of a case to the Audit Committee in the case involving the General Director: the system provides access only to members of the audit committee, and a responsible person is automatically appointed, for example, an internal auditor, notifications are sent to the members of the Committee, and the priority is set as Important. 

We supported the escalation procedure before. Only now can there be many of these procedures. The guidelines implement the classic ARCI (approve, responsible, consulted, informed) matrices of distribution of powers, matrices of responsibility for categories of violation, departments, regions, etc. 


The following business requirements can be implemented using procedures:

  • Escalations of any kind — regional, functional, hierarchical;
  • Automatic routing and “if-then” business rules;
  • Differentiation of access rights between cases using a combination of factors.


We mean sorting, not by department, but according to specific criteria, for example, between economists and security or between compliance and security.

Accordingly, manual or automatic assignment of procedures is provided depending on triggers. Triggers can be:

  • Applicant's or internal initiator's responses to the question;
  • Channel, incident location, region, category of violation, expiration of specific periods, exceeding certain amounts, and much more.


Tell us about the procedures that you are interested in implementing in Ethicontrol?