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New features: consolidated report

We have created a consolidated report to illustrate how we can meet the requirements of your corporate or parent company standards. 

You can set it up to automatically generate monthly or weekly. You will receive this generated report by email in PDF format. Also, you can export it yourself by specifying the desired period and clicking on the PDF icon.

The summary of the report is also generated automatically. Messages are grouped in it by violation category, message channel and priority.

After the summary, there are 5 mini-reports that reveal the above information in detail:

  • General dynamics

  • Statistics on statuses at the end of the period

  • Statistics by category

  • A detailed description of cases per month

  • Other statistics

In general statistics, we are talking about the number of registered, closed and generally accumulated messages over the past 6 weeks.


In the Statistical Statistics, we see the monthly number of cases that were opened, closed, pending decisions, measures taken, and the like.


The category statistics show the monthly number of cases in each violation category for the last 6 months.

In the Detailed description of events for the period, you can see brief information on each case for the period, namely: department, short description, review status, decision date with a short comment. Cases are sorted by violation category. A short storyline is automatically drawn into the brief description column, which is filled in by the case response team. 


In Other Statistics, we provide qualitative indicators so that you can assess the effectiveness of the response team and adjust it if necessary.