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Top 5 free trainings on corruption prevention | Education

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Tackling corruption is not an easy task - it requires experience, some observation, and regular practice. For some anticorruption studies, you need only free time, online access, and a desire to learn  - that's precisely the case. We've prepared the top 5 of the best training on corruption and bribery for both newbies and experienced compliance officers. You can refresh your knowledge or start from scratch - it is an exciting journey.


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1.  Training on bribery by Transparency International (UK)

It's not a boring bundle of theoretical advice - you will play the role of an online mentor and help in solving moral dilemmas. How much should a dinner cost in order not to exceed hospitality limits? Can charity bring to your company the possibility of fraudulent transactions and legal liability? You can learn the definitions of bribery and analyze bribery risks with the help of down-to-earth examples from real life. As a mentor, you will solve Isabella's and Vincent's problems - see it to the end, and you become an expert.


2. UN against Corruption - practical guide

This is a course of six modules with different content and characters. You will be a market analyst, company owner, a relative of the employee, and others. Corruption training from the UN is a must since it extends the problem of hospitality limit to issues of intermediaries in negotiations, facilitation payments, and insider information. Get a chance to practice being a lawyer and involved person at the same time - it will not take more than an hour of your time.


3. Online game by Anti-Corruption Resource Centre

Game of four parts, where you first learn theory, then work with corruption risks and make your decisions on real-life situations - that's what we get from ACRC. It is short and balanced with all kinds of activities: you may guess, come back to refresh your knowledge, and finally, get evaluated to check yourself. This game is better for newbies in anticorruption practices, though, you may check other in-depth training from ACRC. 

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4. What is Corruption? by University of Pennsylvania

We hope you are here for the long run as well - this course is long, and detailed and gives you a real start in the world of compliance. This course is complex and has a strong focus on anti-corruption laws, and the connection between corruption and corporate culture: all of these are good for professionals and beginners. You can make as many mistakes as you want - there is no obligatory evaluation. No certificate for this course, but you can pass it for free.


5. Confronting sexual harassment training by the NYC government

Corruption starts not only with direct signals of bribery, living beyond means, blurry history of employment - it is bound by tensions in the corporate environment. This training on confronting sexual harassment can help you to understand limits in business communication and daily conversations. You might be surprised by some cases presented in this interactive journey: the answers aren't so obvious. If you are an employee, you can learn how to protect yourself and what to do when no one reacts to your claims. If you are an employer, you can get when and why you should interfere to save your reputation and warm atmosphere in the company.

That's pretty much it - more than enough to entertain you for weekdays and weekends. Sharing is caring, so we will be glad if you pick your favorite training and let more people know about it.



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