We provide full set of tools*, needed for the best performance of your whistle-blowing hotline

All included

Intake channels
Feedback room
Anonymity and data protection
Incident and case management software
  • Model code of ethics and business conduct
  • Draft hotline regulations
  • Draft internal investigations regulations
  • Posters and banners for employees
  • Draft letters to staff and business partners
  • Online training for users
  • Free support
Make your first step in whistleblowing and speak up

up to 100
Web-forms (web-intake) for incident capture
Incident control dashboard
Anonymity and data protection
Robust ethical incident management run by our system

up to 1 000
Everything included in plan «Starter»
Trust line (phone and chat contact-center)
Incident delegation
User rights management
Custom branding
Highly productive cloud
Best choice
Investigate issues like a pro and improve collaboration with whistleblowers

up to 10 000
Everything included in plan «Basic»
Multilanguage support and legal jurisdictions
Internal reviews and investigations (case management)
Reporting dashboard
Audit trail
Improve and automate existing processes using your own infrastructure

unlimited employees
Everything included in plan «Best choice»
Custom infrastructure
User roles and business rules "ad hoc"
International compliance
Multilevel hierarchy and org structure
What do you mean, "roles and rules to order"?

We recommend that you follow our standard business user roles and pre-defined rights, authorities, limitations, and the order and timing of certain actions.

However, in some organizations, especially in large organizations, there may be additional individual needs that would be redundant for most of our clients.

For such cases, we would be happy to make any exceptions and additional refinements, as they say, "to order", but provided that they do not nullify the effectiveness of the system as a whole.

What protects anonymity and data?

1. Our independence from your company's management. We do not collect or provide information about informants that can be used to track or calculate the personal data of system users.
2. encrypting data transmissions.
3. Protecting your anonymity. An anonymous whistleblower feedback room using a secret code.
4. Certified independent server.
5. We do not have access to your data. The system architecture separates the database from the application.
6. Personal data protection
7. Encryption and backup of data on the server.

For more details, see Question Answer

What's a "high-performance cloud"?

The system is rolled out in an isolated instance in a certified corporate class data center.

We use cloud providers that guarantee the availability of the service (uptime) from 99%. Very often, this level of availability is technically unattainable for corporate IT infrastructures.

The performance of an isolated server is sufficient to deploy heavily loaded applications that exceed the requirements of the database and Ethicontrol's application by several times.

What if the number of employees is different?

Write to us and we will negotiate. Our task is to make the implementation of ethical infrastructure accessible!

What does "own" infrastructure mean?

Usually, we place the database on an independent server in one of the certified data centers of Europe, America or CIS countries, at your choice.

However, we are happy to satisfy your desire to host the system on servers that belong to you in your own data center. This way, you can physically control the safety of your data.

What does it mean to support several jurisdictions?

By default, the legal side of the service is tailored to EU and CEE countries. Very often, our clients operate in several countries and one company can fall under several jurisdictions, meeting the requirements of a number of countries.

Each jurisdiction has its own requirements for information technology services, rules of hotlines, as well as the handling of personal data of users.

We can take into account all the requirements at the same time, providing your lawyers with draft legal statements, as well as descriptions of the relevant changes in the system.

It is not clear whether the price of the product includes a telephone number. If yes, is toll-free included?

Yes, the call processing service of our call-center provides the first number (paid calls to callers) free of charge.
Each subsequent number is +10 euro/month.
Toll-free lines usually may cost above additional 50 EUR/month, depending on a country - this price is not included in the standard tariff plan.

Have you got discounts depending on the contract duration?

We understand the importance of satisfying economic interests and efficiency needs of our clients. Along with the lowering the number of transactions.

Our policy is to stimulate a decrease in unproductive operating procedures.
That is why we offer discounts when paying in advance annually -15%, and 25% for paying two years ahead.

If that's more than two years, write to us - we'll negotiate!

Are there any discounts for educational or non-profit organizations?

Educational and scientific organizations can be eligible for "Ethicontrol for education and scientists" service and:
- organize a whistleblowing hotline to receive reports on ethical standards violations or academic fraud.
- set up or improve your own whistleblowing mechanism dealing with anonymous reports and feedback.

More at https://ethicontrol.com/en/for-educators

Incident delegation + access rights

Delegating incidents allows one user of the system to transfer a task (incident, message) to another user, who will act on behalf of the first user.
A typical scenario in which this function is used is the interaction of the manager and his subordinate, or when the manager delegates the incident to a specific case manager.

Along with delegation, access rights to a certain case (informant's message) in the system are also transferred. The function of differentiation of access rights allows to manage the rights of users to read or write both at the level of types of cases (cases, messages) and to establish an individual list of persons with the right of access to each individual case.

Response vs. Investigations

Response is part of incident management and includes immediate notification of you when a report is received from an informant, prioritization of messages, the ability to delegate the message to other users, as well as monitoring the timeliness of processing such messages.

Investigation is a logical continuation of the response function in cases where a good response requires a more thorough examination of the situation and the facts.
Case management provides for automated formation of a team, assignment of a pre-defined scenario (workflow), as well as documentation of case materials in the system.

Complex hierarchy and organizational structure

Ethicontrol provides the ability to filter incoming informants' messages by countries, different legal entities of the same business group, by geographical, business and functional divisions.

Accordingly, it is possible to differentiate the access rights of users based on their role in the case, team and system as a whole, as well as based on their belonging to a particular unit.

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