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Case study #5

Integrating with MS Active Directory

Integrating Ethicontrol Platform with MS Active Directory


An agriculture client from Ukraine has been using MS Active Directory and asked us to integrate Ethicontrol login services with it.


At that point of time, we did not use MS Azure and MS Azure Active directory. Furthermore, MS Active Directory is known for issues when dealing with Linux based systems. Ethicontrol is run on Linux based servers.

Key features

Whistleblowing portal and case management
Advanced customisation
Single sign-on
Settings icon for Compliance (1)




We leveraged a third-party Ruby on Rails API for Active Directory which allowed securely connect both applications.
We also set additional security checks making sure that the client’s admins will not be able to compromise Ethicontrol login by granting excessive rights to users.


The client received an integration that was not agreed upon or discussed during the first two years of the contract. Ethicontrol grows together with the client’s needs.


Seamless UX for client users in terms of login. Better security for users aligned with corporate policies and applications.