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Case study #4

Extensive branding of portals and case management

Extensive branding of portals and case management Ethicontrol


A client has provided us with Brand & Marketing Guidelines asking to create a similar UI with corporate website and intranet services.


The brand guidelines were beyond the usual set of branding. They required additional changes of:
  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Button colors
  • Fonts – The client provided the desired font as a file

More importantly, the client was asking to change the UI of the case management system:
  • colors
  • menus
  • sidebars
  • buttons

Key features

Whistleblowing portal and case management
Advanced customisation


We developed additional customisation options and branded the portal before the user acceptance testing.


When it comes to low-hanging fruit customisations - it is our policy to go beyond. Each time we set up a client, we raise our internal limits of customisation.


Seamless UX for client users within a landscape of applications.