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Case study #3


Customized monthly compliance reporting package for a client’s parent.

Ethicontrol Customized monthly compliance reporting package for a client’s parent.


A client is a subsidiary owned by a Saudi Arabia parent. The client should report to its parent whistleblowing incidents and actions taken on a monthly basis. Despite the existence of numerous analytics reports in the Ethicontrol platform, the client asked us to compile a dedicated report.


The new report should look like a consolidated report combining data from different parts:
  • Weekly chart
  • Monthly chart and comparison
  • A table with the summary of cases/actions taken
  • Short summary in narrative format
  • Key performance statistics
The report should be generated into PDF, branded, and periodically distributed by the system to the selected list of recipients.
The client’s staff speaks different languages, so the report should be available in multiple languages.

Key features

Whistleblowing portal and case management
Configurable reports
Advanced customisation
PDF, XLS, PNG export


We developed an additional Consolidated monthly report template in word format. As soon as the draft was approved by the client we started the development. We used an existing report engine and UI elements to speed up the setup as well as an existing embedded PDF creator.
We added a feature for custom branding of the report.
We developed a special descriptive engine that generates text summaries based on existing quantitative data.


The Ethicontrol platform allows the setup of deeply customized reports in different languages.
Previously, the client was spending 8-10 man hours preparing and sending the report to HQ. More importantly, the parent company remained assured about the integrity and accuracy of the reports, due to the absence of any manual involvement.


Monthly reporting to HQ has been automated.
The consolidated reports remain available within the system as monthly or weekly reports.