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Case study #2


Meeting UAE’s client requirements for location storage

Ethicontrol Meeting UAE’s client requirements for location storage


A client from the UAE set out specific requirements on data storage in order to meet the data privacy / isolation requirements.


The client specifically required using Microsoft Azure services compatible with corporate policies.

But, the client emphasized that although Microsoft Azure servers are located in the UAE, some of the Microsoft services required to run the applications - Web App Component- are hosted in the US or EU. It means that personal data is still being transferred beyond UAE.

Therefore, any software solution hosted in MS Azure service is in the UAE and should operate without the Web App Component.

Key features

Whistleblowing portal and case management
Configurable reports
Advanced customisation
PDF, XLS, PNG export


Our IT team reviewed the architecture of our platform and made changes, making sure that it can operate without MS Web App Component.
We also rolled a separate server with our platform and without the component as a proof of concept, making sure that no traffic will go beyond the UAE.


Ethicontrol’s architecture allows rollouts in any location with full scope data isolation and allows deep customisation to be performed fastly.


The client was able to have a world-class whistleblowing platform that complies with the company’s information security and data retention policies.
The client could also directly audit and apply security configurations for MS Azure Server by the internal IT team without the vendor’s involvement or support.