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Case study #1


Helping clients migrate from other vendor solution and supporting advanced SOPs

Ethicontrol helps clients migrate from other vendor solution and supporting advanced SOPs


A client from UAE has been previously using a worldwide known solution as a whistleblowing platform but decided to use the Ethicontrol platform as an alternative for one of its subsidiaries.


The client got used to the previous platform and would like to keep the transition as smooth as possible. Similarly, the client was not in a position to adapt to the established compliance processes, so the platform had to comply with the user experience of the previous vendor and existing SOPs as well.

The client did not perform a gap analysis between the two platforms from day one. The client has been issuing the requirements gradually in three stages within several weeks due to its corporate hierarchy. Each additional level of approval has been issuing additional requirements.

Thus, during the implementation phase, the client has increased the initial list of required customisations three times.

The client was having a tough deadline for the system to be ready. Despite that, some of the feature requests and requirements were issued two weeks before the deadline.

Among the requirements were:
  • Advanced drill-downs in the web intake portal;
  • Special workflow for closure of cases (First and final Closing);
  • Limitations to access rights depending on the company’s hierarchy;
  • Disciplinary actions dictionary, dropdowns, and analytics;
  • Additional substatuses for ignoring status;
  • Changes of terminology across the system according to SOPs;
  • Additional variations for Conclusion / Case outcome;
  • Notifications to Ethics Panel;
  • Additional layer of units to cover Country / region / type of store / store name;
  • Custom rules for case ID assignments;
  • Additional web intake submission confirmation form.

Key features

Whistleblowing portal and case management
Native speakers in the specialised contact center
Advanced customisation
PDF, XLS, PNG export
Split of access rights by regions, divisions, and organizational hierarchy
Settings icon for Compliance (1)


Templates for feedback to reporters


Our implementation team applied a proactive strategy to meet the requirements. We have divided requirements into three categories:

  • Low hanging fruits (LHF) - customisations and features which can be easily set up. Normally, LHF are implemented as tasks within 2-4 hours.
  • Feasible short-term - features, that can be added within 1-2 months
  • Feasible long-term - feature, that can be added within 6-12 months

The team focused on p.2 Feasible short term and started the development or deep customisation of the feature right after the bid confirmation, but far earlier than the contract was signed or payment received. Such a strategy saved three months at the minimum in terms of calendar terms.


Ethicontrol’s architecture allows deep adaptation and customisation including statuses, categories, workflows, notifications, dictionaries, labels, buttons, and reports.


The client was able to have a world-class whistleblowing platform that complies with the company’s existing SOPs and other vendors’ solutions.