Let's celebrate #ZeroDiscriminationDay!

       Discrimination is way more complex than we suppose: all of us know how to discriminate but don't know how to avoid in some cases. More than that, we often hurt people without being aware of it. What discrimination is, and what makes it possible?

    We discriminate when treating people regarding the group or category they belong to and on individual merit. Groups are the following:

  • Race. It is skin colour, nationality, ethnicity — racism is one of the most common types of discrimination people face in everyday life. When you think you fully got rid of prejudice, another threat is on the way - you might have an inner racist and don't know about it.
  • Age. Someone is too young and incompetent, someone is too old and forgetful: when you judge before having personal experience with a person, it's ageism.
  • Sex and Gender. Those who stand out from the crowd usually have serious troubles due to lack of acceptance and contempt. That's not a job for woman, that's not a task for a man - still a common perception of the division of responsibilities. 
  • Religion. Ask Quora for help, and you will know that at the moment we know between 4200 and 4300 religions. That's a wide variety which is hard to grasp. Not giving practice to the person its religion is discrimination.
  • Disabilities. Physical or mental, disabilities may be the reason for discrimination starting from bullying and ending with total exclusion from social groups.

    This list can be continued with many other forms: we discriminate by marital status, food preferences, employment activity. Special attention should be given to the problems which we do not notice. People who are discriminated ask for visibility - recognition from society and careful work on the improvement of the situation.

     This year we witnessed that everything is possible when a first foreign-language movie won its Oscar for the best scenario. The film was presented with subtitles and reminded us once again that subtitles are not only convenient for language learners but essential for people with hearing disabilities. 

     Often we take for granted our easy understanding of language and access to different cultural products. It can be difficult even for native speakers to get all the accents and meaning - here is the story for you if you still ask why you should watch everything with subtitles.

      Visibility makes people with discriminated people included. Even though it's not perfect, it's precious when we care about others creating rooms for prayer, Breile books, subtitles for popular movies, ramps, places for breastfeeding. Without knowing where and how you can be discriminated, it is better to create a world with fewer opportunities for discrimination.

  We are all different, and it's so great to be such! Every day is Zero Discrimination Day.

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