More than a professional whistleblowing hotline

Ethicontrol's outsourcing service is:

Modern intake channels for anonymous and continuous communication with whistleblowers
Incident management software
Case management software for internal investigations

Whistleblowers leave anonymous messages and receive a feedback via customized capture channels

Messages are captured directly into incident management software for processing by your team

Your team responds and documents reviews and investigations within the case management

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Help your people work and live with integrity

Ethicontrol will help people anonymously express their concern assuring that the issues are resolved quickly and efficiently

Trust of whistleblowers
Professional and independent outsourcer is a guarantee of whistleblowers' anonymity as well as continuous feedback communication with them. The hotline is perceived by its users as a robust and secure communication tool with top management and those charged with governance.
Full, high-quality and transparent workflow
From incident capture to investigation and remediation actions, tracking team actions and managing tasks and deadlines.
Confidence of stakeholders and management
None of the messages are lost, delayed or ignored in company silos. If necessary, the message will be directly delivered to escalation team of stakeholders beyond management. Employees, responsible for response, are under continuous scrutiny due to status control dashboards and statistics monitoring
Corporate trust and integrity
Quick and objective investigations are key for successful fraud deterrence. The existence of a hotline facility within a company helps mitigate fraud risks

«Most effective fraud detection method»

«51% of fraud cases are discovered due to hotlines»

«Organisations with hotlines suffer 41% fewer fraud losses and detect fraud cases 50% faster»

ACFE Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, 2014

«One of the most convenient communication channels for employees and most suitable anonymous channel for non-employees"»

KPMG Integrity Survey, 2013

«Outsourced hotlines are more effective comparing to in-house»

IBE Effectiveness of hotlines Report, 2012

Deal with high-quality and well-structured information only

Ethicontrol's data capture is designed to get the most important information within the limited amount of time.

Our web-forms and interview scripts are made to improve the quality of incoming messages during the initial registration outlining key facts and important details.

All incoming case related information is structured, homogeneous and compiled in order to improve the effectiveness of its use.

Respond in due time

Ethicontrol will immediately notify the company or those charged with governance about the new message.

Besides, the application will help users prioritize a response based in triage criteria, outlining important and urgent messages.

Ethicontrol will also remind responsible users about pending messages or cases making sure they are solved without delays.

Keep continuous two-way communication with informants

Ethicontrol will help you establish direct communication with anonymous whistleblowers.

Each informant is given a secret unique code for access to his/her case via web-cabinet or the contact-center.

Your response or investigation team can ask clarification questions to anonymous whistle-blowers during an investigation, while informants — control the progress of how their concern is being addressed.

Investigate and respond faster

Automate your incident management.

Assign preapproved and dedicated case workflows to incidents.

Set priorities, delegate tasks or distribute notifications across teams and organization.

Make decisions based only on facts and evidence

Ethicontrol software will setup an internal investigation case, assist in the collection of case materials: separating facts from hypotheses, assessing collected evidence and prepare case report for management decision.


Proprietory contact-center focused on business conduct and ethics
Incident triage and prioritization
Incident escalation beyond management level
Feedback loops with anonymous whistleblowers
User rights managements considering incident types, company units, cases and within single case
Team roles matrixes
Pending status control dashboard and statistics monitoring
Links between cases. Incident split and merge
Case materials assessments
Multilingual web-capture and online software
Compliance with international anticorruption and antibribery laws
Messages and notifications
Audit trail
Secure storage and data protection

Affordable tool from industry experts

Cheaper and better than doing it on your own (in-house)

Leading international best practice + experience of best local companies

Sophisticated inside - easy, friendly for users outside

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