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Celebrating #globalethicsday2019
Ethics & Security Technologies
October 16, 2019
10 AM – 3 PM
7/11, Khreshchatyk st., Kiev,
Admiral Hall Conference Center

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Why do we do this

On #globalethicsday2019, we gather professionals dealing with business ethics: compliance, security, senior management and supervisory divisions.

Devoting the conference to World Ethics Day, we strive to help everyone who works to raise the level of ethics in their organization to become more effective.

This year, on Ethics Day, we pay attention to things that help us become more effective: tools, solutions, approaches, systems, or simply the negative experiences of others.

That is why our speakers are practitioners who are tasked with focusing on their own experience and mistakes, schticks, life hacks or information systems that really help.

Specifically about antifraud #analytics,
#hotlines, internal corporate #investigations,
counterparties #check and #conflict of interest

Practical use of IT technologies in the implementation of compliance programs or a plan to combat corporate fraud
Smart solution to identify ethical violations and solve them without errors
The most common mistakes in organizing hotlines
How to make the response and investigation procedures work
Indicators for monitoring the quality of hotlines, response and investigations
Do outsourcing, chatbots or bonuses work
Anti-fraud analytics benefits
Is an analytical tool a silver bullet for fraud detection
Why analytical tools do not bring the desired result
How to get the most out of analytical tools
Challenges and lessons for a compliance officer during monitorship
Friend or foe?
Proactive perfomance
How to make friends with a designated monitor?
"Smart" bureaucracy or how does the automation of business processes help fulfill compliance functions?
The role of internal audits
Process automation to reduce fraud risks
Tools to overcome "resistance" from colleagues
Compliance portal as a way to automate counterparty and conflict of interest checks and other processes
How to collect data so you don't drown in it later
How to check thousands of counterparty and conflict of interest declarations
How to watch out for risks and at the same time get home at 6 pm
Prevention of inventory automation abuse
Is it possible to speed up the inventory?
How to make an inventory every day, week?
Carrying out control procedures without interference in production processes
Examples of detected fraud and ROI
Digital Forensic
What is forensic
The practical use of forensic
Forensic cases


Oleksandra Kirsanova
Compliance Director Eastern Europe, Carlsberg Group
An experienced compliance specialist with practical experience in fraud counteractinging.
In the past, she held the positions of chief auditor.
Has experience in the Big Four as a consultant.
Yurii Voitsytskyi
Chief Compliance Officer, Beeline в Узбекистане
Former Head of Compliance Club, American Chamber of Commerce.
He has experience in international and Ukrainian law firms Chadbourne & Park, Salans, Kravets, Levenets & Partners, Levenets, Maciw & Partners.
He has a degree in compliance (ICA International Diploma in Compliance of the International Compliance).
Artem Kovbel
Head of Financial Investigation Department (FORENSIC)
Partner, Kreston GCG
Member of the Supervisory Board of Global Spirits (Khortytsa TM),
Certified Auditor
5 years experience in FORENSIC and financial investigations
Oleg Lagodiyenko
CEO, co-founder of Ethicontrol
15 years of experience in improving business performance, corporate governance, risk and control management as a professional consultant and as a member of the supervisory boards in leading companies in the national economy.Wide project experience: from banks, insurance, metallurgy to retail and agribusiness.
Oleg is one of the pioneers who developed and implemented comprehensive programs to increase business ethics and combat fraud in the country. He participated in investigations, totalling more than $1 billion.
Prior to founding Ethicontrol, Oleg worked at System Capital Management (SCM), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and KPMG.
He is a graduate of KNEU and KNU named after Shevchenko, a candidate of legal sciences, a member of ACCA, ACSPU and CGPA.
Dmytro Tkachenko
Director of Canadian company Case Ware in Eastern Europe
He has more than 12 years of international audit experience. At the moment, he runs Case Ware, a company that helps automate internal and external audit processes. The solutions will be useful both for business and for audit companies.
The company also helps set up risk analysis for a large data set to detect fraud.
Serhii Salata
Co-founder of the company Smart Cards of Ukraine
8 years engaged in the automation of business processes in enterprises of various types and sizes. In projects, he relies on the latest technology. Most often, he implements systems of protection against fraud and negligence.
He has 5 years of experience in the field of information protection of enterprises.
Yurii Haidai
Inspector, Business Ombudsman Council Ukraine
An expert in internal audit and control, compliance with anti-corruption legislation, has experience in investigating corporate abuses.
He joined the team of the business ombudsman from the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, where he worked as a financial policies compliance manager in the region of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Caucasus and Central Asia.
Graduate of Kiev National Economic University, master of banking.
Yaroslava Savastieieva
Head of the Legal Department of the European Business Association
One of the functions is the development of a compliance culture and the optimization of processes associated with the organization's workflow.
She has experience in advocacy, which provides a comprehensive understanding of the importance of ethics and integrity in cooperation with public authorities. In 2018, she earned a degree in Business Administration (Executive MBA of the University of Sheffield). One of the ideological inspirers of the launch of the compliance program on the platform of the European Business Association.

Who are we waiting for


Who is denied

Those who act "formally"
We are opposed to wasting life on cheating and blurring our eyes.
We still have a lot of organizations that do not believe in integrity or compliance.
But we know for sure that they will either disappear or change their approach for the better.
We are ashamed to have the lowest GDP in Europe and many times lower labour productivity.
Those who are afraid of microwaves, cloud computing, firmly believe in paperwork, manual clutch, and that the USSR had the tastier ice cream, and better experts - those should stay away.
There will always be someone smarter than the speaker or someone who lowers his hands. We are in favor of questioning any thesis. We unite those who do not stand still, believe in the best and move in the right direction with small steps.
October 16, 2019
Admiral Hall Conference Center
7/11, Khreshchatyk st., Kiev,

+38 044 393 5834
[email protected]

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