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Service "Ethics control for education and science"

From today, educational and scientific organizations can use the Ethics Control for Education and Science service and:

  • establish whistleblowing hotline to receive reports of violations of ethical standards of business and academic conduct.
  • Build or improve your own process for processing anonymous messages and feedback from whistleblowers.

The whistleblowing or speak up platform is designed for students, students, faculty, employees of your organization, business partners and other interested parties. 

What it is?

Ethics control is:

  • Modern channels for anonymous feedback from reporters of corruption and other violations of business ethics and behaviour;
  • System (software) for quick response to allegations by anonymous informants and related incidents;
  • Documentation system for internal inspections and investigations.

In a broad sense, Ethicontrol is:

  • Best international practice, experience of internal investigations and inspections in the best domestic companies.
  • Expertise in the development of anti-fraud programs, the fight against crime, "white-collar workers." Own methodological developments.
  • The turnkey solution does not require implementation costs. The solution is distributed as SaaS (online service) or as packaged software for placement on the servers of the customer organization.
  • The finished process in a single system that covers the entire life cycle of the incident "from registration, identification to response and management decision."

What is the cost and other terms of service?

The cost of the service is subject to the grant decision or ordinary pricing.

The service is provided in the form of a discount on the Starter package.

Web portal for registering messages of anonymous whistleblowers, as well as a web feedback centre

Incident panel for prioritizing, processing and tracking message statuses, as well as for communicating with anonymous exposers
Protecting Anonymity of Accusers and Data

Connection to the service "Ethical control for education and science" occurs only if:

  • there is a real desire to "take the path of virtue";
  • technical capabilities and adoption of standard conditions for the provision of services.

Who can use the service?

Schools and universities, of any form of ownership, who want to get rid of or carry out prevention from: 

  • corruption
  • waste
  • traitors
  • fake professors
  • plagiarism
  • bullying
  • levies for repairs and
  • coercion to paid extracurricular education.

How to order services?

Just leave your coordinates in the contact form below.

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Other service details:

Tariffs and prices are indicated in EUR including VAT. The territory of the offer and tariff is limited for the territory of Estonia and Ukraine. Other territories as agreed. Organization of connection to Internet access services, access to public telecommunication networks, organization of IP connection, the subscription fee for using IP connection — are not included in the tariff and are paid by the client independently.

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