COVID-19 response in Ethicontrol

How the company responds to pandemic challenges
and its social responsibility at this time

We make our contribution to counteract the virus

We are not as rich as the largest companies, but we already have something to offer to the community

Virus Control Service for free!

We will provide our Ethicontrol system to interested local authorities, state bodies or public organizations, with the aim of:
  • management of whistleblowing on quarantine violators
  • work with anonymous applicants who are looking for help or advice on the diagnosis and treatment of the virus
  • organizing the operation of the anti-virus or quarantine-related fraud reporting mechanisms.
10% of new contracts will be transferred to counteract the virus
As a startup, we do not have savings to do charity as others do. However, social responsibility is part of the DNA of our company and we are ready to give back from what will come.

From contracts concluded during quarantine, we will transfer 10% to the local (national or regional, relative to the client) pandemic countermeasures fund, or we will independently acquire counteractive means and transfer it to the local community where the new client is located.
Advanced functionality for existing customers
Usually, we provide advanced functionality for an additional cost or during the first 6-12 months of using our systems.
The advanced features include: Escalation, System Search, Defendants, Dossiers, Advanced Analytics, User Analytics, Auditor's Journal, Regional Access Model.

User analytics will be especially useful for our customers, because it gives an understanding of how much time the users spent in the system, where they are located and what documents have created.
Transferring customers to paperless workflow
Our policy is paperless workflow, both internal and external. However, until now, having a low bargaining power, we had to meet the requirements of large companies - our clients on paper accounting documents.

We will contact each client, we are ready to use several existing solutions, adapting to the customer, and offer to switch to paperless workflow.

Among the solutions we use are: Vchasno, Paperless, Privat24, EDI, Sota.
Online events for free!
We have experience in conducting both paid webinars and offline events.
Basing on global initiatives to disseminate useful knowledge during quarantine, we will move our activities online and make them free.
Current hotlines will be able to advise on a pandemic
We have developed and are constantly updating the Instruction (information note) for the employees of the contact center on COVID-19 issues.
If applicants call and show interest, we will report:
  • How to protect yourself (official recommendations of the Ministry of Health and WHO)?
  • What is the current statistics in the local region?
  • What are the latest reports from the Ministry of Health or local authorities?
It's not about winning, it's about doing what's right.
And yes, we will do what's right.
Steven Ramirez, Tell Me When I'm Dead

We strengthen the internal policies

Since Remote & reWork are our principles, our emploees worked remotely before quarantine,excepting the contact center . However, we expect certain risks to increase and should be prepared for them.
Information about the impact of the pandemic on our activities
  • Services and applications have not changed.
  • The team and software development and technical support activities have not changed.
  • The work of the contact center has been impacted. Now all contact center employees work from home. We do not expect deterioration in the quality of the contact center, but this probability has now become higher. One of the contact center employees fell ill on the eve of quarantine, but due to the absence of such symptoms, testing for COVID-19 was not conducted. As of March 23, 2020, the employee returned to work.
  • Marketing activities felt a significant impact. We transfer the planned events online.
  • The support service began to work in an enhanced mode, since the number of calls has grown significantly due to the fact that most users of our systems now work remotely.
We ban meetings and cancel events
Cyber hygiene and help in home computers protection
Two-factor authorization audit
It is not necessary to change.
Survival is not mandatory.
W. Edwards Deming

Getting ready for force majeure

We conducted a risk assessment and developed an internal business continuity plan.
Additional encrypted backups
Backup systems and service providers
Periodic calls and the obligation to report problems (health, communications, applications and equipment)
Standby account holders
Standby critical routine performers
Automatic forwarding (systems and people)
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