Smart ethics, security & compliance conference. October 16, 2019

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For the second year in a row, Ethicontrol celebrates Global Ethics Day. But this year we decided to organize the event for Ethics Day!

At  World Ethics Day  # globalethicsday2019, we bring together professionals who deal with business ethics: compliance, security, senior management, and control units.  

By dedicating a conference to Global Ethics Day, we strive to help everyone working to raise ethics in their organization become more productive

We pay attention to things that help us become more effective:  tools, solutions, approaches, systems,  or just the negative experience of others

Speakers are tasked with focusing on their own experiences and bugs, chips, lifehacks, or information systems that really help. 


  • A smart solution for identifying ethical violations and resolving them without error.

  • The benefit of analytics in counteracting fraud.

  • Challenges and lessons for the compliance officer during the monitor.

  • Compliance portal as a way to automate counterparty audits, conflicts of interest and other processes.

  • Prevention of inventory automation abuse.

Supported by: ACSPUNICCarnegie Council and others.

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See you at the conference on October 16, 2019!

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